Friday, April 5, 2013

(Gifs via killerbeckett)

After the scene above, I want to hear/see NONE of the following in print, on television, radio, social media - anywhere - from here on in:

1. Basic Scandal fans harping on about Olivia being a home-wrecker.

2. Bellamy Young championing some ‘Inception’-like sub-reality where a) Fitz and Mellie were in love until Olivia showed up, or b) Olivia’s presence prevented Fitz and Mellie from working through their (frequent) rough patch(es).

And, according to Fitz, the lies and pretending cover THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF THEIR MARRIAGE. He also called the arrangement “one step above prostitution.” Do you hear that Bellamy? One step above prostitution. Love you, but Shonda has now spelled it out in the script. Again. Fitz isn’t here for Mellie, and never really was.

*See also Tony’s tweets posted by sabiacoruja.*


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    1. Olivia is not a home wrecker, she is a mistress. They are by definition two separate things but are used...
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    YES!!! Bellamy has mad acting skills but enough now with the ‘they’re in love spiel!’ Damn, we could see it from day...
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    can we discuss his “nigga, what?” face for a moment.
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    Yes to the bolded. Probably that’s the best way for her to play her role. Or probably it’s best for her to say that,...
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    Agreed in principle save one item. No love lost, duty, power, gain is the love that is Mellie. All else agreed.
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    She is a true wasp like political wife. She knew the deal and she probably loves Fitz just a little bit, but only...